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Divine is a fast growing foreign education and immigration consultant in Pakistan. DIC is an innovative consultant, to move our clients to another country where they want to go. DIC is focused on providing fair and reliable information to the clients about academic and Immigration opportunities as well as facilitates them in selecting the right career and institution hence placing them in an environment conducive to their needs and ability. IN SIMPLE WORDS WE WILL HELP THEM TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS.

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Our Mission

To provide outstanding quality service which is efficient and cost effective that helps us to satisfy our clients.

Our Services

Our services will take you to your destination of choice and they do not stop there. Our staff carefully deals every case and guide students accordingly in the right direction, we continue to support and work with you, providing assistance even after you reach. These services include advice on part time employment, financial assistance, accommodation and more.

Career Counseling

Our services for career counseling helps you to choose a right destination, course and university that perfectly matches your aptitude, interests, academic leanings and financial positions.

Visa Facilitation

Obtaining a visa requires a lot of struggles and troubles. We ensure to provide complete guidance and assistance in filing visa applications for the applicants who secured placement in foreign countries; moreover we help our clients to pass the visa interviews through mock sessions.

Pre-Departure Services

After the issuance of visa our services not only stops their but we also guide student for their accommodation and arrange Airport Pickup services on the request of our dedicated clients. During our Pre-departure sessions we guide students about how should they pack their bags and what documents they should carry in their hand luggage.


It is considered that many students think it’s difficult to decide on a course and college that goes well with their interests. Here at divine team of professional counselors guide the students in discovering their capabilities and ambitions. This indeed turns out to be a basic stage in the entire procedure but holds a great importance, and these educational experts take cares with their professional experience.


We strive to provide a portfolio of related institutes to match the needs of students. Receiving offer letter from any University or College is not the same admission criteria as every university has different admission procedure. You must have to meet admission criteria for unconditional offer letter. Our counselor will guide to students about specific course requirements and prepare application according to the university requirements.


If you’re planning to attend university for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or you want to apply immigration, you’ll need to take IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson etc. We also provide preparation to secure maximum score for English Language Test, under the supervision of well-equipped and experienced trainers. The English Language Test is an essential requirement to travel in any country where English is the mode of communication.


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